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  • Apr 27

    We’re now selling hardwood logs

    We’re now stocking high quality kiln dried hardwood logs which are ideal for burning in stoves straight away. Kiln dried logs have many benefits, they burn hotter, are more efficient than softer woods and reduce problems with flues and soot build up.

    All our logs have a moisture content of less than 20%, meaning they are ready for immediate use and are fungi and decay free.

    Why buy our firewood?

    Our customer service is second to none and we can deliver your firewood straight to your door free of charge* (within 20km of Bassingfield, Nottingham). Our firewood is also of the highest quality, dried in a controlled environment and provide superior fuel efficiency.

    logs in bag

    Seasoned, kiln dried hardwood Logs

    • Typically our seasoned logs are Kiln dried hardwood
    • Stored in a dry barn.

    Perfect for Log burners, Wood burning stoves and Open Fires

    • Hardwood logs are the best firewood for use in all types of fires and wood burning stoves.

    Burn hotter and longer than cheap logs

    • Our seasoned hardwood logs burn hotter and longer than softwood logs, and leave less residue.

    Cut and split for you to use right away

    • Our logs are cut to approx 25cm and split from 5-15cm

    Free delivery

    • Prices include free delivery.
    • If you need some logs immediately, you can always arrange to pickup some nets!

    Buyers should be wary of cheap firewood and log deals.
    They may contain inferior softwoods and may not be properly dried (seasoned).
    Poor quality firewood will give poor combusition and may increase the build up of tar and soot in your flue.

    Seasoned logs give best results

    Rapidly increasing fuel prices have resulted in massive increases in firewood sales over the past few years and as a result poor quality un-seasoned soft firewoods are flooding the market to satisfy demand.
    By using inferior products, your firewood supplies will diminish rapidly and more of your valuable heat will be lost driving off moisture from damp logs.
    Good quality dry timber helps prevent build up of tar and soot in chimneys and flues.

    Posted By Super Admin on Apr 27, 2015 at 4:19 PM